Live Results

Kalyan Star Line Results

Time Results Time Results
11:00 AM589-2 12:00 PM369-8
01.00 PM278-7 02.00 PM567-8
03.00 PM499-2 04.00 PM116-8
05.00 PM280-0 06.00 PM467-7
07.00 PM267-5 08.00 PM445-3
09.00 PM780-5 10.00 PM234-9

Milan Star Line Results

Time Results Time Results
9:30 AM456-5 10.30 AM227-1
11.30 AM255-2 12.30 PM157-3
01.30 PM368-7 02.30 PM239-4
03.30 PM345-2 04.30 PM367-6
05.30 PM** 06.30 PM225-9
07.30 PM580-3 08.30 PM146-1

Dubai Star Line Results

Time Results Time Results
10:00 PM578-0 10:30 PM259-6
11.00 PM179-7 11.30 PM**
12.05 AM230-5 12.30 AM190-0
01.00 AM469-9 01.30 AM240-6
02.00 AM** 02.30 AM**
03.00 AM270-9 03.30 AM568-9

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Open - 2-4-7-0

Jodi - 23-48-70-09

Panna - 345-112-133-136



Main Mumbai

Open - 2-5-7-8

Jodi - 27-59-76-87

Panna - 246-159-133-134



Rajdhani Night

Open - 0-2-5-7

Jodi - 12-26-52-75

Panna - 136-129-113-124




Open - 1-5-7-0

Jodi - 26-69-73-06

Panna - 128-159-115-244


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